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Business Loans

Our commercial lenders look forward to helping you with your financing needs.  Click the titles below for detailed information.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Whether you are in the process of a purchase, new construction, a remodeling project, or looking to refinance your commercial or investment property, Baraboo State Bank offers the products you are looking for to support your commercial real estate financing interests.

Equipment Loans

Need money to purchase equipment to support your business? If so, our Equipment Loans can help you finance a key piece(s) of equipment to meet your production demands. Typical amortizations are 3-7 years depending on the type of equipment.

Partnership Buy-in or Buy-out

Experiencing ownership changes with your business?  We can be there to help.  Baraboo State Bank provides financing to allow business partners to retire or pursue other ambitions; or to provide new partners with the necessary capital to gain a solid foothold within their business aspirations. 

Business Startup and Purchases

Ready to go into business for yourself?  We will work with you to purchase an existing business or start your own.  We have the tools to make an existing business purchase transfer seamlessly or get you the products, service, and advice for your new venture.   


Acquisition and Development

Thinking of capitalizing on a land purchase or on land you already own?  Baraboo State Bank can offer financing to help you acquire land for future development/construction into a commercial or residential use, or to take advantage of land you already own and bring your vision to life.

Operating Lines of Credit

Our Lines of Credit provide access to funds to help with your cash flow needs throughout the business cycle.  Whether your business faces seasonal demands or is looking to grow, we can provide convenient, flexible funding to cover your business expenses such as sweep arrangements between accounts.

Letters of Credit

Need a guarantee of payment for trade or legal compliance purposes? Let us help you establish a Letter of Credit to enhance purchases made by your business or provide guaranteed payment to municipalities or other government agencies. 

Government Loan Programs

Our team of lenders has the knowledge to help you navigate and originate the different loans offered through the SBA and other government loan programs.  Whether you are looking to start a business, or take your existing business to new heights, our lenders can help you plan the future success of your business aspirations.

Agricultural Loans

We offer Agricultural Real Estate Loans to support growing farms and to support capital expenditures necessary to maintain a productive farm.  We also finance existing agricultural operations including dairy operations, grain crops, and livestock.  Additionally, we can finance agriculture equipment purchases or equity.   We can help with WHEDA, FSA, FarmerMac, and USDA financing.  

Please contact one of our commercial lenders today!

Need help calculating a loan payment? Try one of our payment calculators!