Schedule of Fees

The following fees apply to:



Cashier's Check: $5.00
Personal Money Order: $3.00
Levy: $50.00
Garnishment: $50.00
Collection Service Fee: $20.00 per item
Incoming Wire: $10.00
Wire Transfer - Domestic: $25.00
Wire Transfer - International: $75.00
Telephone Funds Transfer: No Charge
Deposited Item Returned: $5.00 per item
Returned Item Fee (When item is NOT paid against account)*:
*Any withdrawal created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means that results in an overdraft, whether the bank pays the overdraft or not, at the time of first presentment or at the time of re-presentment of item.
($120.00 per day maximum)
Overdraft Fee (When item is paid against account): $30.00
($120.00 per day maximum)
Stop Payments: $30.00 per order
ATM Transactions (BSB Terminals): No Charge
ATM Transactions (Non-BSB Terminals): $.50
Debit Card - E-Checking Account: $10.00 per year
Replacement Debit Card: $5.00
Account Investigation/Research/Reconciliation Service: $25.00 per hour ($5.00 minimum)
Funds Transfer - Voice Banking: No Charge
Closed Account Fee (When accounts closed within 120 days of opening): $30.00
Dormancy Fee (per month):
(Checking or Savings Accounts Only)
Fax Service Fee: $5.00 (including up to 5 pages)
Each additional page: $.50
Bill Pay (iPay) Service Fee: $4.95 per month
Check Orders: Vary by Style