Schedule of Fees

The following fees apply to:



Cashier's Check: $5.00
Personal Money Order: $3.00
Levy: $50.00
Garnishment: $50.00
Collection Service Fee: $20.00 per item
Incoming Wire: $10.00
Wire Transfer - Domestic: $25.00
Wire Transfer - International: $75.00
Telephone Funds Transfer: No Charge
Deposited Item Returned: $5.00 per item
Returned Item Fee (When item is NOT paid against account)*:
*Any withdrawal created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means that results in an overdraft, whether the bank pays the overdraft or not, at the time of first presentment of item.
($120.00 per day maximum)
Overdraft Fee (When item is paid against account): $30.00
($120.00 per day maximum)
Stop Payments: $30.00 per order
ATM Transactions (BSB Terminals): No Charge
ATM Transactions (Non-BSB Terminals): $.50
Debit Card - E-Checking Account: $10.00 per year
Replacement Debit Card: $5.00
Account Investigation/Research/Reconciliation Service: $25.00 per hour ($5.00 minimum)
Funds Transfer - Voice Banking: No Charge
Closed Account Fee (When accounts closed within 120 days of opening): $30.00
Dormancy Fee (per month):
(Checking or Savings Accounts Only)
Fax Service Fee: $5.00 (including up to 5 pages)
Each additional page: $.50
Bill Pay (iPay) Service Fee: $4.95 per month
Check Orders: Vary by Style