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Bill Payment

Get this great service free with Direct Deposit or Classic Club ($5,000 on deposit) or a monthly fee of $4.95 per month. You can pay your bills through your online banking account and never write a check out of your checkbook. Bill Payment does it for you.

You can schedule one-time or recurring payments to any payee you choose. Save yourself time and hassle by setting up your bill payment in advance – record information in your register – then relax.

Visit a branch, contact a customer service representative at 608-356-7703 or 1-800-559-0011 or contact us and request the Bill Payment Service.

Our online bill pay home page is now a payments dashboard. You can add payees and make payments in just a few clicks. eBill allows you to view, pay and track bills online. You can do it all in one secure place. Check out this demo site for helpful information and a video.